Videos from Moth Worlds in Australia

We had a great couple weeks in Sorrento, Victoria for the 2015 Moth World Championships this month. The team committed to the idea of training for the regatta this past year before we moved to the venue for the next America’s Cup, so we were excited to see where we stood along side some of the best Moth sailors around the world. The regatta was a bit of a bust from the conditions-side of things. The steady sea breezes never really set up while we were racing and we instead had to battle either very light air or heavy air against a significant amount of tide on Port Phillip Bay. Big chop a and heavy air are two things that the Moth doesn’t like, but it made for some spectacular sailing and even more wild wipeouts and crashes. The light air races really didn’t help my scores, being one of the bigger guys in the fleet, but I learned a massive amount about what equipment I can add to the boat to make light air sailing easier.

Ultimately, the moth class is and equipment game. The boat is very dependent to the settings and tuning, but also having the correct foils for the conditions. Having just my one set, and fairly stock equipment, I was really happy to meet my two goals: finish in Gold Fleet, and finish every race. The final race of the regatta was 25 knots in nasty chop, and it was a total battle of man against the machine against the elements. So to take a top 40 result is pleasing, but leaves me plenty of room for improvement. Luckily I’ll have plenty of other sailing to do coming up to take my mind off of the moth. We’re heading to San Francisco here in February for our last training camp before we set up shop in Bermuda in May.

Enjoy some of the video from the event:


First Training Camp with Oracle Team USA in Sydney

2014-03-18 02.43.27 pm

I’m really excited to be joining Oracle Team USA for the defense of the 35th America’s Cup. We had our first training camp since the last defense this week in Sydney in parallel with Team Australia. Thanks to everybody for your support and excitement over the last couple weeks. Check back for more to come. Here’s a look at how things went.

Racing the AC45s this week was eye-opening and at the same time comfortable. Sailing consistent angle of heel upwind is not dissimilar to the Star or Laser days. Frankly sailing the boats downwind is as much like the E Scow as anything else, with the apparent wind angles, accelerations, and heel. The boats are hard to sail, no doubt. Heart rates are up and the same decisions about breeze and tactics still need to be made, often at a faster pace than most are accustomed to. The challenge is really refreshing and exciting for me. The team that’s put together is phenomenal and I’m excited to continue to progress.


SDYC Lipton Cup Victory


We had an interesting weekend racing J105s on San Diego’s city front last weekend. Plenty of light air, some strange southerly conditions, and a big tide made the racing complicated but fun. I was a late fill-in with a great team led by Brad Rodi along with Al and Molly Pleskus, Steve Hunt, Chris Busch and V/C Chuck Sinks. The end result a close regatta was an SDYC victory in the 99th Challenge for the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup. Looking forward to some good teams next year for the defense.