For Sale

Star Masts:
2010 Sparcraft (annodized) – $3800
2011 Emmetti (annodized) – $4200

Star Jibs:*
2010 Quantum P2, 3 days old – $700 <<<<SOLD!>>>>
2010 North R2, 10 days old – $350    <<<< SOLD! >>>>
2009 North R2, 12-15 days old – $300
2009 North R2, 12-15 days old – $275
2010 North R2, 15+ days old – $250  <<<< SOLD! >>>>
2011 North R2 Heavy Cloth, 15+ days old – $300
2011 North R2, 15+ days old – $250

*All jibs are full length zipper, some have jib blocks others do not and can be negotiated. Age is listed in days of sailing.

Star Mains:
2009 North M16, torn luff from broken mast $500
2010 North M16, 15+ days old – $1000
2011 North M16, 6 days old – $1800
2011 North M16, 6 days old – $1800

Star Boat #8209 – $38,000

2007 Folli boat – Worlds Winner in 2008 (Miami), Worlds Runner up in 2013 (San Diego) Re-painted hull and topsides in 2010, Modified Backstays mounted between skipper and crew, 4 Masts (3 Emmetti, and 1 Sparcraft), 2 poles, Balbi trailer, full stock of North racing and training sails (4 mains and 5 jibs of varying usage), Tacktick RaceMaster compass, Mast-up Cover. Boat’s itching to go and win Bacardi Cup.


3 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. I am sending you this email asking for help. I recently just purchased a star #6643. It is not in the best shape but its a 20+ year old boat. My question to you is do you know anybody that lives in Florida, specifically Tampa, that can help me learn how to sail the star? I know this isn’t a help desk but I figured I would ask. i have been doing research online and have not found any viable avenues so now I am reaching out to anyone i find that is a star class sailor. I am eager to learn and would like to hopefully one day compete even though my hardware is not even competition worthy. I humbly thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you!

    Graham Hulan

    • Author Anosov, he is just south of Tampa is Arcadia. He specializes in rebuilding, modifying, and I believe tuning star boats. I do not know him personally but know that he spends more time around and on the boats than most. You can find him at Star Boat Shop on facebook.

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